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Lovely Korean Gf Posing Her Delicious Big Butt For Her Boyfriend

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Got buddies with toasty Asian babes as their girlfriends? I know the feeling. Those lucky bastards! Having a hot and slim Asian girl with milky skin, ample breasts and a beautiful oriental face is just a gift from above. I mean, Asian girls are striking, submissive and just plain slutty no matter what anyone say! Case in point is this fair Korean gal with flawless skin and a bootylicious butt!

Check out how this modern Asian chick who works at some corporate financing firm turn into a submissive oriental fuck slave that will do anything her boyfriend orders! Here, see this innocent looking but really naughty Korean gf as she obediently follows her beau, taking off all her clothes leaving only her g-string panties that barely covers her big Asian butt and that plump pussy! With her boyfriend taking pictures of her almost nude body, you’d think this Asian babe would at least blush in shame. Nah, she even spread her butt crack wider so the cams can see how hot her ass is! After trying on various colors of itsty bitsy thong panties, the amateur Korean slut decided to go full monty! Curious on what she does next?

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Naughty Japanese girlfriend

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Don’t we love to feast on these Asian chicks just because they’re simply fucking hot? And I’m not talking about just a particular Asian bitch though what we have here on Me and My Asian today is this steamy Japanese doll. If you’ve seen or been to CosPlay events, you’ll understand why there are a lot of us who has this fetish on chicks “in uniform” and I mean in the literal sense. There’s Sailormoon and her equally hot and sexy girlfriends who dress nothing like innocent girls playing with doll houses and sipping lemonade on a hot and dusty weather. These kind of Asian flirts don’t dress like this just to look cute. Who are they kiddin’? If you’re this hot, like this lovely and busty Japanese honey in these pictures, and you enjoy checking out other girlfriends while browsing through, then you ain’t some reserved school girl, waiting for her debut just to get laid. I bet this Asian tease has been experimenting with things that make her horny, stuff that pleases and satisfies her sexual cravings, whenever she’s all alone in a room. We’re so fucking lucky that she shared her hot Asian amateur pictures with us. Notice how yummy those knockers are? Don’t they look so fucking inviting that you wanted to take that boner out of your boxers and fuck away? Oh, ok, jack off first and fuck away. Geez. Anyway, this cutie has a lot to show and she’s waiting for you right here. Go on and click the fucking link so you can start your very own private party already.

Cocksucking Filipina girlfriend

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Another amateur Asian babe will show us her sizzling video here on where she’s having one hell of a time sucking on a throbbing boner. She started practicing on her boyfriend a month ago and now she’s testing her skills on different boy friends just so she can “perfect” it and perform it on him better than his exes. Well, yeah, the dude doesn’t have the slightest clue as to how his naughty chick’s getting all the tricks and this slutty GF will never tell (duh, not like her boyfriend ain’t a fan of Me and My Asian too, eh?). We’ll just be high on exciting anticipation with how this blossoming relationship will turn out after the supposedly lucky boyfriend finds out about this. Ha! But before we reveal this kinkiness to him, let me show you these teasers (before we show the party involved) of what you can expect from this featured horny Filipina girlfriend. There’s no mistaking, you can already tell where this hot playtime took place — TV tuned in to some channel that you don’t even watch at home, white sheets that smelled of bleach, windowless bedroom — get the idea. So, anyway, this chick looks like she’ll be spending the next few months on top of his boytoy, making him squirm and moan in extreme pleasure. Watching this video made me conclude that she’s quite ready for the action and yeah, her boyfriend will be so fucking proud of his newfound bitch. Click here to watch and enjoy this cocksucking slut‘s video now.