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Hot Asian chick sucking off lucky white boy

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Me and My Asian is back with yet another sizzling amateur video of a kinky Oriental chick who loves exposing her blowjob skills on cam. She just agreed to do this homemade video with her horny boyfriend when he told her that they will be watching themselves here on and that’s actually one of the fantasies of this wild Asian skank. She’s one hell of a slutty girlfriend who performs oral sex not just on her man but whenever they join in some hardcore swingers’ orgies as well. She likes to fill that filthy mouth with as much throbbing dicks as she can as long as she can still open it wide and not resort to biting off anyone’s shaft.

She likes making these videos because she knows how hot she looks while licking and sucking on a boner. She gets horny watching herself, watching that cock disappear inside her mouth, and at times do some kinky deepthroat too. She’s an amateur cocksucking machine who looks like a pro when giving sloppy head. If you’re the type who likes and gets aroused easily at the sound of someone slurpin’ on your dong, then this Asian slut is the perfect one to watch because she knows exactly how it’s done. Being a part of sex parties and blowing a number of stiff dicks, she admits to being so much better than any other Oriental amateurs that you watch elsewhere. She’s one of the wildest Asian babes who knows her stuff in the bedroom that’s why you need to watch her full video here and see how much she likes teasing us with the way she eats that man meat. There’s a lot more to come so better stay tuned.


Nasty Asian Hottie Sucks Cock And Plays With Her Pussy

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

You’re back, of course, here in Me and My Asian and we got another steamy video of a naughty babe who loves to get nasty in bed with her horny boyfriend. She’s got this smooth white skin and this very authentic Asian look, which makes me think am actually looking at one of those Japanese porcelain dolls they put in glass containers. Ok, maybe you don’t know about that shit coz all you can think of now is how to get this bitchy lady and fuck her hard. I’m just saying how delicious this girl looks really, specially if you watch the entire video here and see that am in no way exaggerating. She’s too horny to just dismiss like some kind of sick imagination. Here in, we don’t have any fucking imaginary friends. All of the chicks you view and watch here are real, just like this hot kinky one that we have for you now.

The way she grinds that ass up in air and the way she rubs her pussy like she’s teasing every single perverted mind on this planet makes me drool so bad that I think my boner‘s gonna drill a hole in my pants right this moment. Don’t tell me you’re not feeling hot yourself now because slutty Asians like this shouldn’t be missed. I urge you to watch her here now and you are sure to come back for more.

Amateur Oriental Chick From Taiwan Sucking Rod Like A Pro

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Get your cocks all fired up in these burning hot teaser videos from featuring another sex starved Asian amateur chick, fresh from Taiwan, who gives head like a real pro!

One good thing about Asians is that they are so mysterious and a little adventurous, they got a lot of talents and even more surprises in store which makes our imagination run wild that’s why today Oriental-loving pervs grow simultaneously and unstoppable! This amateur chick is a typical type and she’s one of ’em wild and horny bitches who you’d want to spend an entire night with just to let your woody experience a hot deepthroat and fucking wild blowjob ’til you run out of cum to make a mess with. Catch her steamy videos and enjoy a lot more collection of photos and movies of kinky Asian amateur babes inside, a site that is so proud of its collection of prospects, these Asian bitches, who will do anything just to have their videos featured here in our site.

Asian GF Blowing Dick In POV

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

All you Asian amateur slut lovers will definitely get a thundering jolt of lust when you view the videos featured on this week’s updates! Check out this Asian college gal from Taiwan as she gets exposed slurping a wang on these wild private sex vids! She didn’t know that her boyfriend submitted a couple of their private romp sessions to the staff of this all amateur Asian gf adult site, but if she ever does this Asian girl shouldn’t be ashamed one bit. For such a young looking teenage cutie, this 18 year old oriental nympho knows how to use her lips to please a penis as well as work up her boyfriend’s camera by locking her sensual china eyes to the lens!

Check out the passionate wang slurping talents of this amateur Asian gf while hungrily licking, slurping and spitting on her beau’s weird looking stiffy. Seriously, that is one ugly cock but this amateur teenage Asian whore worshipped that dick like a god. Go bonkers watching the clip where her soft lips slurps on the stud’s fuckstick tip while holding his shaft with two adorable little hands just before the guy shoots a large load of semen right inside her sultry oriental mouth!

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Petite Chinese Girlfriend Acting Like A Genuine Life Sex Doll

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

It is the first day of October and gives us an explosive amateur Asian gf photo updates to properly kick off of this month! Check out this scorching scorching hot photo set of an Asian teenage gf from China who may look like a sweet and captivating gal, but she’s damn passionate when it comes to fucking! She lets her bf treat her like an authentic life fuck doll and on these burning hot sample snapshots, this amateur Asian whore does it all, from posing alluring in the bare to acting like a horny tramp while arse nude in front of the mirror as well as hardcore sexual deeds!

Her bf starts off their raunchy homemade porno by having this beautiful Asian teen poses arse nude to the cams! Then the lucky guy had this Asian girlfriend playing with her hooters, pinching and pulling those large brown nips! After that sweet tit play, this Chinese cutie used her lips to please her dude, blowing on his dick as well as his toes! She’s really acting like a total nympho and that is just wild for an Asian girlfriend with sweet looks of an angel!

Her pictures are crazy but her private sex vids totally rocks! You can get your hands on this amateur Chinese slut’s wild sex pics and videos and tons of other burning hot Asians gfs inside!

Cute Asian Girlfriend Exposed Sucking On Bf’s Cock And Balls

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Taking a dude’s cock monstrous dick is quite a feat even for professional porn stars, but the amateur girlfriend featured on this week’s photo updates from Me And My Asian sure makes it look easy! Watch how this oriental cutie as she expertly gooble up her boyfriend’s fat dick on this homemade sex clips shot in kinky point of view style! You’ll just love how this China eyed cutie use those sensual lips to wrap around the lucky bastard, sucking it expertly with such passion! This dipstick hungry Asian girlfriend has madksills when it comes to oral sex, she even buries her sexy face down on her bf’s balls, licking those nuts and making sure they are clean! She really goes raunchy on these hot amateur girlfriend blow job clips, much to the delight of her cam toting boyrfriend who eagerly caught every movement that this dick blowing Asian gf is doing on his trusty camera. I wonder if this Asian gal would give her beau another wicked blow job just like in these videos when she learns that her perv of a boyfriend had submitted a bunch of their sex videos, all of which gives great views of her hot Asian face getting fucked, sprayed with jizz or stuffed with vibrators! Well, too bad if she doesn’t because she’s one wild cock sucking Oriental hottie!

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Horny Thai GF sucking a boner

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Another sizzling episode here on just for you Oriental-loving pervs out there. Not that I consider myself one but Asian chicks always make me horny and they’re the type of bitchy fucks that make my imagination run wild. They’re like ninjas appearing to look so mysterious and will always surprise you with their skills. This hot video of a kinky Thai chick will blow your mind especially if you’re a sucker for wild chicks who knows how to please her man by sucking his dick and performing a wicked deepthroat that he will never forget. Me and My Asian is so proud of its collection of prospects, these Asian bitches, who will do anything just to have their videos featured here in our site. They may be reserved in some aspects but they don’t mind sharing their little adventures with us since they know too well that they please a lot of men out there and would eventually ask for them if these horny bastards would insist on meeting up and fucking away. I think this particular chick’s up for the challenge since she’s fond of meeting people online and if they both agree to do kinky things together, she won’t think twice about it. Yes, she’s one of ’em wild and horny bitches who you’d want to spend an entire night with just to let your woody experience a hot deepthroat and fucking wild blowjob ’til you run out of cum to make a mess with. Watch the full video here now and enjoy!

Oriental girlfriends enjoy sucking stiff dicks

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

What I like most about Asian chicks is the fact that they look like they never age. Really, ask around if they can make a wild guess as to what the age of a particular Asian chick is and the effort will go down the drain. I’ve tried that a few times and I would almost always guess like 2-3 times over the real age of the girl, to which I get a slap for. Ulk. Ok, that was just for a single time, but still — get it right next time. Anyway, what’s this about age? Well, nothing really, it’s just an observation worth sharing before you could get a slap yourself. Me and My Asian compiled this set of naughty cocksucking Oriental sluts for you and they’re all hot as apple pies freshly drawn out from an oven. Yes, I know what you do to your friendly neighbor’s homemade pies and it’s not new to me. We do that even before that movie exposed our dirty little secret.

These chicks know how to make us hard. With their ageless and sultry good looks, you would never really mind if you’re fucking an Asian friend or her pretentious hot mother. Ha! Not that it happened to me before, but hell, who would know, right? Since you’ve visited for the gazillionth time (considering), I know that you surprise yourself each time still with what you see here. So do enjoy these wild chicks here while you look at the way they suck these dicks.

Cocksucking Asian teen gets fucked with a huge boner

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Getting some booboos on porn videos is inevitable and Me and My Asian is no exemption. Though this video might appear to have some funny parts in it, you’d still achieve that satisfaction of pleasing yourself in the comfort of your own perverted little world. All it takes is a little patience in pretending that that certain part didn’t surface at all, diverting your attention in maintining a happy and hard woody as you go along choking that chicken up. The little booboo I’m referring to is the first few seconds on this video, where while this Asian cutie enjoys sucking on this lucky dude’s huge cock, some friggin’ telephone rings. Since this is obviously not part of the plan, both the subjects laughed (the chick almost biting into the flesh of the throbbing thing). At some point, the guy wanted to humor this Asian babe by saying that she should answer the call. Ok. Not really funny and it ruins the mood. Good thing only shows you steamy videos of Oriental finds that will always leave you panting for breath, with your tongue hangin’ out from your drooling mouths. I can’t blame you if this would really happen, I mean, you can’t resist not looking like a retard of a sort when you’re drawn to hotness like this.