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Horny Asian teen gets fucked hard in a cheap motel

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Babes such as this one is really one hell of an appetizing treat. Me and My Asian hits off today with a sizzling video recorded in what seemed like some cheapass motel. But we don’t fucking mind where these amateurs do their thing as long as they perform well, right? You won’t ¬†get pointed and I assure you, you won’t even notice how cheap-looking this place is because you’ll be keeping those eyes glued on our horny Asian GF riding her crush’s cock like she’s pretending to be some kinky equestrian humping on a horse’s back while running for the finish line.

Then, of course, this wild dude won’t waste the chance of getting his share of the fun and wanted to please his slutty bitch too with his own stunts. In this video clip you’ll see what I mean. This chick gets a load of the hardcore pussy fucking when her now naked Romeo here started banging her so hard, she’s just got to open those nice legs so wide. Spread-eagled and loving it, this Asian babe don’t seem to complain even if the thrusts look like she’s going to scream for a timeout. But don’t approve of wild chicks giving up so easy, no. This video was chosen to be posted first other than the one I originally picked because, apparently, I got this good case of a healthy hardon way easier when I watched this and you’ll be seeing the other one when you visit us again. Enjoy watching this hot and wild Asian babe get ploughed and come back for more.