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Kinky Amateur Noriko Gets Playful On Cam

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Sexy Asian teen Noriko shares with us her yummy selfpics, which concentrates solely on her amazing cleavage. With this kind of a cleavage, it just simply means that our amateur nymphette owns a set of big tits that everybody loves and fantasizes about. She took digital photos of herself, wearing various pieces of clothing to enhance her naturally perky breasts. She even put makeup on her pretty face to add extra oomph to the sexy scenes she’s trying to portray – matching those bitchy poses, I can’t help but hold on to my dick tighter and jerk it faster! Isn’t she a slutty tease or what? If she can make us feel this horny by just showing us her fucking cleavage, I can only imagine what’ll happen to my stiff cock once she takes off those boring clothes.

Maybe my hand would bleed jerking off my very hard cock because it’ll stay that way for hours or it could snap in half from being too excited. Either way, I won’t give a shit, as long as I can die happy with all my seeds swimming in the same ecstasy I’m feeling. I’d hump her like a dog would so I can enjoy her Oriental tits more while they bounce up and down as Noriko bends over and takes my hard thrusts.

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Sexy Oriental amateur cocksucker gives naughty blowjob

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

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Check out this hot Asian chick giving her dude a blowjob, her on her knees on the bed, head bobbing up and down, faster and faster, the sounds of her lips slurping away at his knob clearly heard. As she reaches over to stroke his knob, which is a little too big for her petite mouth, he pushes her hand away, obvious that it’s her cute mouth and pouty lips he prefers.

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Boy, this chick must suck cock real good! He steadies her head on his tool, guiding her and holding her down, trying to get the whole thing in her mouth. Our little Oriental whore complies, doing her best to please her man by going faster and making more noise with her wet mouth.  As she continues with the blowjob, she gives the camera a few dirty looks as she licks and sucks her boyfriend, obviously enjoying herself like the cock-hungry slut she is.

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Hot and sexy does not even begin to describe this hot video from where once again, a seemingly innocent sweet-looking Asian chick does some really dirty things to her boyfriend, and she lets him film it!