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Sizzling Oriental sexy babes

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

I see that you’re lurking in our domain once again, in search for new steamy chicks to jerk off to. Well, Me and My Asian is not going to disappoint you (we never do) and so we bring you this fresh set of pictures of Oriental sluts exposing themselves while wearing skimpy clothes or nothing at all. Some of them likes to camwhore while the rest prefers to pose for someone and tease them too eventually. I got a couple of the Asian girlfriends posted right here for your viewing pleasure. But these aren’t all you’re getting today here on We have at least a handful of sizzling hot Oriental chicks ready to make you horny. They got the juiciest cunts and full round breasts that will drive you mad. I have always liked Asian girls and the more I see them, the more I’d like to get them in bed and get just get wild and crazy. I’ve seen tons and tons of their pictures but I never tire looking and spilling my seeds all over the place each time they fire me up. Some of the chicks here know each other and they plan on making something more exciting for us soon. They wanted to create their little own world of hotness but they will be sharing the loots in this site so better watch out for those. The entire collection’s right here, just click on the link to view. If these got you excited in less than a minute, I suggest you prepare yourselves for the next posts because we get hotter and hotter, you’d pass out trying to beat your meat more than twice in just 3 hours. Ha!

Cocksucking horny Thai chick

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

In for some steamy BJ session? I don’t think you’d resist the urge to watch this Oriental video, featuring a naughty Thai chick hungry for a big stiff cock. Me and My Asian has a lot of various bitches doing most of the kinky things that you could ever think of (and fantasize about, of course) and though giving head isn’t new to all of us, each chick that we post here is sure to give you that goosebumpy-feel (ok, wild and horny, if you like it that way) while watching them get fucked or ride their boyfriend’s woody or, in this case, suck someone’s stiff dick. And this isn’t just what you’ll be getting coz this horny chick likes getting jizzed on too and at times she prefers to swallow everything up instead of getting all sticky and messy. This is an amateur babe trying to learn a few tricks on how to tease and make us hard and eventually get the blood pumping and cause some nice jizz explosion. I was told that this teen cocksucker would try her blossoming BJ skills on kitchen utensils and whatever long round-tipped fruit or vegetable that she could find in their refrigerator. Oh, but she doesn’t use them cold of course, she’d like to keep the courgette warm first to give the illusion that it is some dude’s throbbing boner. You don’t even have to worry about her mouth getting some disease and all that shit since she uses a condom “for protection” (a different kind of protection obviously). Watch the entire video, just click on the link and we’ll give you so much more of‘s best amateur hotties.