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Hot and naughty amateur Asian chicks

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Me and My Asian gives you this new batch of steamy photos of Oriental chicks who will most likely make you want to spend hours in front of your computer and jerk off the entire day. This applies especially to all of us who crave for bare Asian tits and delicious warm and moist pussy. And, of course, when we say Asian sluts, you can always choose between a clean shaven cunt or a very bushy pussy. I personally love both because they do give me the satisfaction and ultimate Oriental pleasure that I want. Some say that they get so fucking annoyed when they fuck an Asian girl coz most of the time these bitches moan and scream like a banshee. Hmm… I can’t blame them though coz that is partly true. Fortunately, I end up fucking amateur Asian chicks who are quite aware that it’s perfectly fine to just moan and scream at some certain points within the sexual act. It is annoying when these horny wild sluts overdo the pleasing part but if they please me good, then all’s well. Check these pictures out and see how yummy our Asian honeys are. Some likes to camwhore with their underwear on or wearing nothing at all, while some let someone else take their naked pictures, and then there are the rest who get caught doing some more hot and wild things with their fuck buddies. View them all here and do visit often to see more of these Oriental pervy babes.

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Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

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