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Sexy Oriental bitches with nice pair of racks

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Can’t get enough of our flaming hot Asian babes, huh? Well, you’re here because you fancy them so much, so no need to worry coz I got you covered. Me and My Asian took some time off to come up with this set of sizzling photos, all for your pervy viewing pleasure. We rummaged through our collections and though we almost stick our cocks on our forehead to phantom bang (ok, I just coined a really good fuck term right there) each and every hot photo that I place on my hands, I told them we can only publish a specific amount for today (so you won’t run out of exciting things to look forward to). Anyway, the sexy Asian chicks in these pictures have something else in common and that is their nice and firm juicy tits. While a lot of us prefer to get smothered in the face with big breasts, we can’t say no to the not-so-big titties that belong to hot Asian girlies who crave for our attention too. Besides, you don’t visit often if it’s just gigantic juggs that you’re after, right? Hentai might be showing you exaggerated breasts sizes but then again, those are wild and fucked up cartoons for us big boys, so anything and everything is possible. Unlike in real life, fucking Asian bitches, we get horny lusting over the complete package because more often that not, what we see are real and we could possibly have one way or the other. So let’s just enjoy this new compilation of hot and delicious Oriental dolls that we’d like to play with with our hands, tongue, and stiff tool.

Banging an Asian twat until it gets creamed

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

This is one burning hot Me and My Asian fucking video. The dude filmed himself and his sexy Asian chick while having one hell of a fucking time pumping each other. But in this video, the horny honey gets more of the attention. Keeping her ass up in the air like that, giving her pervy boyfriend the easy access to all things heavenly. Fucking your girl this way is one of the best positions since you get full control of that grinding hip and you won’t have a tough time splitting her pussy lips open with your big woody. I made a couple of videos like this whenever I fuck one of the chicks from my ex-girlfriend’s cheering squad. Of course she doesn’t have any clue that her sorority sisters are quite unfaithful to their vows of not sleeping with/getting fucked by any of their boyfriends. Well, that’s why she’s an ex coz she ain’t fun. So, anyway, the babe am referring to happens to be a busty Asian goddess who keeps her pussy well-tended to by having her bush trimmed just like how the Germans prefer it. I like the fact that I get to see my cock slip in and out of her tight cunt as I make her moan with pleasure. You should check back often, here at, to watch more hot videos of Asian bitches getting drilled in either fuck hole and maybe you could catch them sucking on a dick plus getting tons of splooge all over their face and body.