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Taiwanese chick fucked in her bushy cunt

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Our featured Asian honey today will jump for joy when she finds out that she’ll be watching her very own steamy hot video. Me and My Asian set this day up just in time for this slutty Taiwanese girlfriend‘s birthday and this is a fucking sweet gift from her stud fuck buddy. Well, they actually swapped presents because Vivi here says it’s her first time to have her dirty deeds on cam and she liked how it turned out. Her horny fuck buddy likes her twat hairy because according to him, this create such friction which arouse them more while he fucks the kinky bitch‘s tight cunt. I haven’t heard of pubic hair fetish but if there’s actually a term for that and it exists, well, I think this might be one of those cases. I can’t really say that I’m into these type of chicks too though I like stuffing my cock in those Asian cunts and I already expect to see them bushy so it’s not much of biggie. Dunno what it is about these Asian bitches who like growing all those hair. I thought it’s just European women who adores body hairs, even on their own. But, hell, I don’t mind these horny sex kitties being hairy (on the right body parts) as long as they can perform well in bed or wherever we please to fuck them. Watch this video of our naughty Asian chick getting her pussy drilled by her buddy’s huge boner. Visit us here at often so you can catch this horny GF again soon, in case she decides to expose more of her bedroom skills. Click here to watch the rest of the hot sex between this horny pair.

Asian bitch camwhoring in the nude

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

We are not new to chicks selfshooting and we are definitely not going to be fucking surprised to see naked photos of them either. And though some of you may be new to, I bet you my checking account and a pack of ice cold Coors Light, that you’ve already seen tons of girlfriends in the nude. Oh, but we’re not going to be drinking here just so we could appreciate what this sexy Asian bitch has to show us. Her nice firm breasts, slim figure, shaven twat, and tight ass will make you so horny and hot as hell, jacking off throughout the day or night, whichever you prefer. Even if you’re more into Westerners and doesn’t dig chinky-eyed chicks much, you will lose yourself looking at these fucking hot pictures. I didn’t have much interest with Asians before (like 20 years ago? Ha!) but eversince I started building this Me and My Asian empire, I have learned to really crave for them. I wouldn’t last another month sharing all these photo collections if I don’t like amateur Asian chicks at all. Besides, what’s not to like, eh? I can drool over this sexy naked babe anytime and I won’t run out of juice to spill. There are a lot of them here. So, for those of you who are still trying to find that Asian liking button somewhere in your brain’s hemisphere, this edition will change the way you look at “conservative” and shy Oriental girls. I did mention about that bet, didn’t I? Uhmm… I only have the beer. Enjoy!