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Cocksucking Filipina girlfriend

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Another amateur Asian babe will show us her sizzling video here on where she’s having one hell of a time sucking on a throbbing boner. She started practicing on her boyfriend a month ago and now she’s testing her skills on different boy friends just so she can “perfect” it and perform it on him better than his exes. Well, yeah, the dude doesn’t have the slightest clue as to how his naughty chick’s getting all the tricks and this slutty GF will never tell (duh, not like her boyfriend ain’t a fan of Me and My Asian too, eh?). We’ll just be high on exciting anticipation with how this blossoming relationship will turn out after the supposedly lucky boyfriend finds out about this. Ha! But before we reveal this kinkiness to him, let me show you these teasers (before we show the party involved) of what you can expect from this featured horny Filipina girlfriend. There’s no mistaking, you can already tell where this hot playtime took place — TV tuned in to some channel that you don’t even watch at home, white sheets that smelled of bleach, windowless bedroom — get the idea. So, anyway, this chick looks like she’ll be spending the next few months on top of his boytoy, making him squirm and moan in extreme pleasure. Watching this video made me conclude that she’s quite ready for the action and yeah, her boyfriend will be so fucking proud of his newfound bitch. Click here to watch and enjoy this cocksucking slut‘s video now.

Chinese babes show off their pussies and tits

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Today, here on Me and My Asian, we have naughty Chinese bitches who will make you steamy hot. They gave us their photos where they show off their naked selves, exposing their tits and twats and some even showed us their ass. Yeah, that’s how hot our Asian girlfriends are. You won’t be going back here for more of these Oriental sex kittens if they aren’t your type, right? So here is a new set of hot tits, cunts, and a sneak peek at one of our sexy chick‘s ass. I know a lot of dudes who constantly fantasize about Asian babes and I really can’t blame them. Hell, I am one of them! I can’t pin point what it is that makes me crave for them. Maybe it’s with the way they tease so effortlessly you’ll go mad thinking how the hell they do it.

See, most Asian chicks I know or just happen to see somewhere, don’t really have breasts as huge as those Western chicks’ or have big tight asses or plainly have a lot of things done (surgically) on their bodies just so they’d look like demented Barbie dolls. Whereas, our hot and sexy naked Asian GFs here don’t need any of those just so we could jack off while looking at their pictures. You can see here that all of their private sexy parts are as natural as how we want them to be. Those perky tits, nice ass, and tight cunts, every single part which could make you explode in minutes are all worth your energy. We never ran out of these hotties and I bet you’ve already bookmarked so all you have to do is visit us as often as you need and we’ll be giving you tons more of these gorgeous sexy Asian chicks.