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Oriental chicks display their perky breasts

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

In a hotel somewhere in Asia, caught these babes who stayed together for two days, doing nothing but showing off how playful and kinky they are. This video is just one of their “masterpieces” as amateurs and they’re quite proud about it especially now that the entire universe can watch them (if only lifeforms in Mars and Jupiter got cable access). It all started with a playful game of Truth or Dare, which eventually ended up with them choosing Dare most of the time. Through this game they realized that they all have the same idea of filming themselves naked. And so, the entire time that they choose daring each other of doing something naughty, they’d hit the record button and start getting all kinky and playful in front of the camera. Well, they may not have shown themselves in the nude in this video but this is just the start and they promise to submit more videos of their bitchy selves to please all our Me and My Asian fans. You know what’s one of the many things that I fucking love about Oriental chicks? Most of them lack assets that can be found in the huge department. But they make me horny as hell, nonetheless, and I think that that’s sexier than fucking fake butt cheeks and giant boobies. I can’t wait to watch more from these naughty Asian sex kittens and I look forward to their more advanced skills soon. I bet they’ll give us more than this the next time we see them here. For now, you got to watch them tease you as they expose themselves, while they show their perky tits in this video.

Asian teen GFs with hairy cunts

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Asian babes who has hairy cunts and they always make me wonder what on a fucked up planet they were thinking for not shaving all those hair off. Me and My Asian is filled with this kind of girlfriends and if you’re an avid fan or a plain horny visitor of this site, you should’ve been used to seeing photos like these by now. They ain’t bad, really, especially when they’re the type who could make your dick hard without trying too much. Like these naked Asian bitches who are obviously fond of showing off their tools and teasing us with it. You can’t deny that they are pretty hot. There’s something about Asians that would always come as mysterious or dangerously hot. Maybe it’s both? I guess it’s got something to do with their liking for raw meat. Well, my dick is raw and I can feed it to them anytime they want. I’m not a fan of sushi but since their pussies look, more or less, like one, maybe I can try eating them up first then try the real thing. I bet their twats would taste as hot and spicy, eh? has been following a lot of these chicks’ tweets and we found out that they made this little group where they make their fantasies come to life. They’re not lesbians, or so they say, just horny babes who go for wild chicks like themselves who are always game to join whatever type of fun you have in mind. This is one of the reasons why Asian bitches are second in my list of favorites to fuck. They could go so wild yet so gentle on you, you’d end up in an asylum with both your hands grabbing your cock. Wait no longer and check out the entire picture collection here. Do cum back for more amateur Asian hotties like these.