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Thai GF with bushy twat strips in her bedroom

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Me and My Asian got this new steamy video, which was given to us by this pretty chick. She said she’s been thinking for a long time now if she’d submit this to us or make something more hot (whoa! I’ve yet to see what she meant by that). See, the moment I started watching her in this video, teasing and stripping and playing with her tits like that, she already succeeded in giving me an excited boner. Men don’t usually admit that they moan and pant while they jerk off, for some fucked up reason, but I’m not included in such stupid statistics coz I almost always brag about how a certain chick could make me explode using her sultry charms. Well, I do this when the bitch is way hot, which all of you would actually dream of fucking. No, I haven’t tasted this one but I got a feeling that it’s not going be too tough to get her. Besides, I am her hope to get her posts going, eh? Anyway, this babe isn’t just hot by the way she grinds her ass and expose her goods. I’m not sure if all of you like bushy twats but I do find this particular bushy twat quite orgasmic, by merely getting a glimpse of it. While some chicks don’t manage their cunts as clean as this (yeah, their twats can be bushy and still appear “tidy”), I find myself wanting to rub this kinky chick’s pussy with all those hair on it ’til she cums and make the her own clump of hair all sticky and wet. A lot of guys click on and they often leave comments on the videos that they happen to watch often. Most of them wanted more. I can’t promise you anything but I strongly suggest that you visit us here so you’d get the freshest updates firsthand.

Oriental girlfriends enjoy sucking stiff dicks

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

What I like most about Asian chicks is the fact that they look like they never age. Really, ask around if they can make a wild guess as to what the age of a particular Asian chick is and the effort will go down the drain. I’ve tried that a few times and I would almost always guess like 2-3 times over the real age of the girl, to which I get a slap for. Ulk. Ok, that was just for a single time, but still — get it right next time. Anyway, what’s this about age? Well, nothing really, it’s just an observation worth sharing before you could get a slap yourself. Me and My Asian compiled this set of naughty cocksucking Oriental sluts for you and they’re all hot as apple pies freshly drawn out from an oven. Yes, I know what you do to your friendly neighbor’s homemade pies and it’s not new to me. We do that even before that movie exposed our dirty little secret.

These chicks know how to make us hard. With their ageless and sultry good looks, you would never really mind if you’re fucking an Asian friend or her pretentious hot mother. Ha! Not that it happened to me before, but hell, who would know, right? Since you’ve visited for the gazillionth time (considering), I know that you surprise yourself each time still with what you see here. So do enjoy these wild chicks here while you look at the way they suck these dicks.