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Cocksucking Asian teen gets fucked with a huge boner

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Getting some booboos on porn videos is inevitable and Me and My Asian is no exemption. Though this video might appear to have some funny parts in it, you’d still achieve that satisfaction of pleasing yourself in the comfort of your own perverted little world. All it takes is a little patience in pretending that that certain part didn’t surface at all, diverting your attention in maintining a happy and hard woody as you go along choking that chicken up. The little booboo I’m referring to is the first few seconds on this video, where while this Asian cutie enjoys sucking on this lucky dude’s huge cock, some friggin’ telephone rings. Since this is obviously not part of the plan, both the subjects laughed (the chick almost biting into the flesh of the throbbing thing). At some point, the guy wanted to humor this Asian babe by saying that she should answer the call. Ok. Not really funny and it ruins the mood. Good thing only shows you steamy videos of Oriental finds that will always leave you panting for breath, with your tongue hangin’ out from your drooling mouths. I can’t blame you if this would really happen, I mean, you can’t resist not looking like a retard of a sort when you’re drawn to hotness like this.

Kinky Asian babe camwhoring

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Me and My Asian agrees that it sounds cliche when we hear someone say “just bored” or “out of boredom” especially when attached to this thought are their hobby of being vain. But expect to be irritated and pleased at the same time. Why? Well, because whether you accept it or not, people who say things like these got some nice surprises up their sleeves. More often than not, I’d encounter babes posting their kinky pictures on social networking sites and calling these a product of their boredom. And, dude, what a lovely outcome they are. You can never go wrong clicking on everytime you’re in need of some steamy Oriental fix.

This episode will show you a sexy and young Asian teen who is, most probably, a member of a lot of those infamous sites where we could break in and find all these nice and naughty treasures. This chick clearly shows how much she wanted to get noticed and she did quite a nice job right there, I mean, here. She looks comfortable exposing her nice body and explicit hobby. Notice that she’s actually on the phone (phone sex maybe?) while she camwhores away in her bedroom? I think we can also call her an attention whore. She obviously is and we’re loving every bit of it. These pictures don’t just summon you to her wild world, they’re like invitations from hell, waiting to burn and melt you on the spot by just teasing your horny senses. This Asian cutie got a lot to show you and I bet you will want to visit more often after drooling and cumming over her photos. Enjoy and we assure you that you’ll see more when you return.

Hardcore Asian sex in a motel

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

It’s not unusual to watch videos as wild as the one we feature today here on Me and My Asian. I mean, anybody can do this but not all of them have the guts to do so. And of course we only hail those who can display their naughty nature and do it with utter enthusiasm. Our Asian slut here will show you just how girls like her can make you go crazy from beating your cocks and still get enough energy for another round after you explode. Pictures are hot but watching this video of a horny chick with those huge breasts juggling like giant water balloons while you fuck her lying down, will instantly send that sexual urge signal from your head (above) to your head (below).

Everybody, and not just here in, wants a chick with big boobies that they can play with aside from sucking and fucking it. Ok, well, those are forms of playing but still, you can never tell what else these dudes might want to do with these babes’ delicious goods. And since this video isn’t just about tits, you’d have the chance to see this chick get stuffed in her pussy too. For a moment I actually thought that she’s a fuckin’ equestrian. With the way she rides this dude’s cock, it’s creepy to think that she might cut it in half! But of course that won’t happen and you could check out the video here to see what really happened and enjoy the horny feeling this chick will give you for free.