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Toshu shares her hot and busty selfpics

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

If you’re a fan of Hentai and huge tits, which go well together because Hentai’s usually full of horny Japanese chicks gifted with nice pairs or large boobies, then this Me and My Asian episode’s got the perfect photo compilation for you. Our featured kinky Asian chick is one of the gifted teens who owns large and nice boobs that suit her curvy body especially when she’s wearing her bikini, like in this sizzling gallery. This young Asian tease is lucky to have her assets plus an obviously big amount of guts to pose for us and show the world what she’s made of. This horny hottie is rare coz majority of pure Asian chicks are not as well-endowed. She said to pose like this is one of her hobbies and she finds it a lot more fun than making paper cranes, eating sushi rolls, or walking her shih tzu along the busy Tokyo streets. And since she’s a budding pornstar, or so she dreams, she started this young and got successful in this first step. I already assured her a sure spot here in in case she has a lot more of these to share with us. From the looks on her naughty face and sexy poses, there’s no doubt that she has already planned a number of shoots after this one. And we will make sure that she gets that VIP seat on our pages so you can easily enjoy the time jacking off to her big tits, trying to feel them choking your cocks or imagine them bouncing up and down while she rides your boner. Also, you can nibble on her nipples while squeezing her firm juggs and making her moan in pleasure. View her gallery here and tell us what else you imagine doing to this Hentai-material babe.

Japanese cutie fucked on a bed

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

I’ve seen a couple of videos of this really lovely Japanese chick and all I can say is that they’re all fucking hot. If this is your first time to watch her get fucked in her nice hairy pussy, I bet the first impression will definitely last and it’s going to be fuckin’ good. Me and My Asian already reserved a special spot for this hot chick, you know, in case she’d give us more of her steamy sexcapades. Honestly, when I saw her name on the video on the files of other horny hopefuls, me and my half sleepy gonzo got hard from too much excitement coz we wanted to watch what this bitch has to offer yet again. True enough, she didn’t fail our perverted needs.

Man, whoever’s fucking this cutie is sure a hell of a lucky bastard coz she looks like she enjoys every damn second of it. Notice that naughty smile on her face? You may not believe it but that doesn’t leave her sweet face even while she’s in the middle of a hot fucking session! Now how many bitches have you banged who do this same weird shit, huh? And wherelse would you find chicks like this aside from I’m pretty positive that we’re the very first to show you this and you’d come across other videos that she submitted to us. She may squirm and moan a little but I guess no one can ever wipe that smile off her face. In my own opinion, it actually adds extra spice when you see her with that expression, like a little devil teasing your every vein. Again, if this is your first time to watch her video, you might want to view the entire thing here to fully enjoy the pleasure she’s been giving us for a fairly long time now.