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Thai hooker gives blowjob and gets fucked

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

It’s all a part of the Me and My Asian package when you’re like our featured Asian slut, Mai Ling, to do whatever it is that your customer wants when they pay you for a night of pleasure. That’s why in this set of steamy photos, this babe didn’t just expose her body, she did some other things that will pass for any horny guy’s perverted taste. As you can see, there’s a lot going on the in the stills I’m showing you right now and there’s, of course, a whole lot of these here. But first, you have to enjoy this horny sexy thing coz am pretty damn sure you’ll be wanking like hell once you see what she can do. This Asian bitch is an ideal fuck buddy to anyone with large built and strong hold. I personally fucking love it when I get to carry the bitch in my arms and fuck her on a wall or simply leave her hangin’ on for dear life while I stuff my dick in her ass and pussy. She may be slim and don’t have much curves on her, but these won’t matter once you get to taste her wild service. Just look at her tease and lick and suck that stiff dick. She’s an amateur horny babe with a hustler chick inside. You don’t see this kind of cocksucking amateurs everyday so you might as well savor these photos, which are, by the way, free! This Thai hottie will please you any way she can. Her way of giving blowjobs is sure to make you horny in a snap. I don’t know about you dude, but sometimes hairy cunts make me horny twice as much as shaven pussies do and this often happens when I see this on Asian babes. Want more of these? Visit now to get shitloads of Asians you can jack off to everyday!

Pretty Asian teen sucks cock and gets her pussy fingered

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

We got this really kinky and steamy Asian teen having a wild time with her new boyfriend. And since they are a new pair in the campus and wish to fit in, they were dared to make this hot video to prove they’re worthy of the popular crowd’s attention. And, boy, did they make a very good one. These Asian teens are like at the peak of their hormonal rebellion to even decide on posting their video here on for the first time. It’s a giant leap for amateurs like these, if you ask me. Especially that, as what I’ve heard, this two were actually a part of some stupid pact they once made with their equally stupid friends. The deal was to keep their virginity ’til they reach 18. And they wanted to do this, painfully, in order to enjoy their “first encounters” during their junior-senior prom. Not so sweet. It is really really stupid. Hate mails will clog inboxes if in case these two happen to build a fan page for their glorious defeat and I bet half of these mails will be coming right from my very own IP. The idea is just too old school and taboo, I get nauseous thinking about it.

Their contenders’ jaws will drop at the sight of this. They might even consider bowing down and kissing this pair’s ass for being the sole winner of their idiotic dare. I bet those fools don’t even have the slightest gut to flash in public. While this two will do all the kinky things together, film themselves, and soon rise to a much more fame — leaving those jaws hangin’ on for dear life. Watch this horny and pretty Asian chick suck the life out of her boyfriend’s dick and let her show you how she enjoys getting her twat fingered here. We’ll dare those fucktards to stitch up their asses, staple their pussies, and lock their cocks in a Coke bottle ’til they reach 40. Then again it’s not so bad to lure them into visiting Me and My Asian while under such curse. I’m betting that those will eventually give in and we’ll find dozens of chastity belts scattered all over the football field pretty soon.