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Asian cutie stuffs her asshole with a toy

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

What I like most about Asians is how they always seem to surprise me. See, I’ve always thought that Asians are all too naive with what usually happen inside a bedroom when the lights go out and there are raging hormones waiting to play. Of course it’s not just inside the bedroom where all these actions take place. The mere fact that even if in places like this one, the most typical of all to fuck around, that these bitches act like innocent virgins with chastity belts on, then you get to watch them here in Me and My Asian scream and moan like naughty whores in a porn film, it makes you wonder how the hell you ever underestimated their power to make your dicks hard by just hearing those infamous squeals of delight. In this episode though, these pictures aren’t about a horny Asian getting fucked by anyone’s dong. This is actually a collection of photos of a young teen fucking her own ass with her favorite toy. I think this is as good as seeing someone who gets their holes stuffed by men with boners the size of baseball bats. This chick may be young and looks young but don’t let her fool you. The way she exposed herself here in is a full proof of how much she can do when her clothes fall on the floor. She’s got a lot of other stills to show here and they’re all as hot as what you’re seeing here right now. Just visit the link and help yourself to a spicy Oriental treat.

Naked Asian chicks having fun in a hotel room

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

This is a rare video here in Me and My Asian, that babes submit their kinky acts as a group. In these clips you’ll watch what girls do in hotel rooms right after taking a quick shower. They’re not exactly lesbians, they just find it fuckin’ sweet to be exposing themselves to each other and admire what sexy kittens they are. Oh, ok, I don’t agree that they are not lesbians. Maybe that’s just what they want us to believe but, hey, am not a retard to not smell which pussy goes for another pussy. Somewhere along the lines of girls going topless and enjoy exploring each other’s goodies just give a fuckin’ obvious clue as to what they really are inside. I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with being in the 3rd sex, actually, some of us even find that a lot more exciting and more fun to watch. It’s like you’d always wonder what they exactly feel licking their own genitals (by this I mean, licking pussies or dicks of your same gender). Or for the most confusing part, imagine how it feels to be drooling over your own cock or twat.

Anyway, these Asians are preparing for a wild party in a bar downstairs. But before they hit the dancefloor and get wasted on whatever they might take in their systems, they decide on getting steamy first, showing off with their nice perky tits and making each other horny — eventually gearing them up for the untamed night ahead. is jampacked with wild and untamed Oriental sluts too and here, it’s easier to tame those throbbing dicks, all you got to do is click on the link to watch all the others who will keep you satisfied down to the last drop of jizz that you can wank off.

Hot and topless Asian babe at the beach

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Of all the Asian chicks I’ve seen here in, this girl is one of the hottest. These pictures are simply going to make you explode without too much effort. Look at the body on this Asian hottie and add to that the fact that she’s gorgeous in all ways possible. Well, I don’t know her personally to even think how “beautiful” she is inside, the hell I care about that! As long as she’s got the to-die-for body and pretty face, the perfect slim built with her firm tits, these are all I want to have a fucking good time with her. Who in their right mind would want to waste time talking about crap while you got your untamed hardon, right? The stiff dick can cum at any time if you don’t hold on to it and aim it on the right spot in the room you’re in. I bet you will make a huge mess out of this too because I did for more than two times now.

I was told that she does this often. Going to beaches and displaying her stuff for the lucky ones to see. Damn, wish I could catch her doing this in person, maybe we could fuck right on the spot once she takes her clothes off and walk around the shore, with whoever it is who’s taking all these photos for her. Or maybe I can take these stills for her instead and make her pay me with a nice blowjob, or make me fuck her all night long, or do just about every little naughty thing that we can ever think of, am all up for it! Those body piercings are wild and it all suit her perfect body. She looks mighty sexy with those and it makes me want to stuff her mouth with my cock right now. View all of her pictures here and I assure you that you will find a lot more kinky Asian bitches. This Me and My Asian site will make you crave for more of the Oriental dish that’s always best when served hot and horny.