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Nerdy Korean teen strips on cam

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Me and My Asian almost always gets surprised by each video that we receive from different chicks that we thought could never even get so kinky to even watch porn. Well, I honestly can say that I kind of underestimated what these sluts can offer us, I mean, people from the West are so used to all the perversion that even kids who hasn’t yet hit puberty stage have been caught doing their own nasty videos for crying outloud! But since these young bitches are the reasons why we have this fucking cool site, I really don’t have anything to complain about. But it still surprise me every now and then. I just hope to not bump into one of my nieces’ or nephews’ homemade sex videos coz, really, I don’t want to look at them way differently.

Check out this horny Korean teen’s video and be deceived by her young and innocent looks. Not just innocent, actually, she’s a bit nerdy too. I dunno if those eyeglasses really work for her or they’re just some lame props that she wears to make her look like she “doesn’t know anything”. Who is she trying to fool? We’re not a bunch of retards here to fall for that crap. The evidence is staring at us right in the face. Now don’t let this young slut fool you, as you can see here, she’s got one hell of a hot body and she knows it. She won’t be stripping down if she ain’t proud of the assets that she’s got. Good thing she visits and it’s even a much better thing that she sent us this yummy video. So next time you come across a young Asian on the net or if you happen to meet one along a street, be prepared to accept the fact that you will never look at them the same way again. Visit here now for more of these slutty Koreans and other naughty Asians who will surely make your dicks happy.

Naked Asian babe with tight shaven pussy

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Asians are, by nature, very conservative. But here in, we always make it a point to bring out the bitches in each of them. Well, at least hundreds of them who’s so into exposing their naughty sides through the sample photos we have for you in this new episode. As you can see, this is one pretty Asian chick showing off her sexy naked body. She was in her equally naughty friend’s pad when she let the camera roll and produce all these hot pictures. They were having one hell of an awesome time drinking when she felt horny and started to take her clothes off. At first, she just wanted to show her friend her new scorpion tat, but as it turns out, she ended up getting naked and revealing her young and delicious body. The tattoo is wild but this young chick’s body’s just as wild or maybe it is even better.

So, yeah, after a few drinks, this Asian pussy finally decides to take up a notch higher and pull her clothes down. With the effect of the beer or whatever she took in that nasty system of hers, she is now a certified slutty chick, capable of keeping Me and My Asian hot as hell. Look at her photos and notice how much she’s comfortable displaying her naked body, not minding the consequence that is getting exposed in this fucking awesome site. She may know that she’s gracing our pages now but I bet she won’t go mental about it coz she was the one who sent this collection here in the first place. Let’s just hope that she’s not acting under the influence of the liquor that she drank, otherwise, we’ll lose a very precious contributor in this naughty chick. Oh, and she even had the time to play with her shaven pussy during the course of this wild event. I don’t think you want to miss that and a whole lot more. Click here now and view the entire collection of this budding Asian slut. You just have to check her out and enjoy her generosity in sharing this wild part of her. I will, and I bet you will too, wait for more from this hot babe.