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A horny Korean chick films self while masturbating

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Asians are really kind of different when they try to show how kinky they are. One proof is the consistent types of screaming bitches who, for some strange reason, squeals like some pig getting fucked in the asshole with a bamboo pole each time they are being banged by their boyfriends with huge fat cocks. I mean, what the hell’s wrong with these girls?! I don’t even know whether they’re enjoying the ride or merely pleading for their fuck buddies to stop because they can’t take the pain anymore. But I don’t really think it could be the latter, since whenever I chance upon a video like this, the clips would go on ’til the end of its reel and the squealer would actually appear to have liked the entire deal after all. You won’t get disappointed if you’d visit Me and My Asian when you crave for something unique to arouse your perverted senses. Because, like I said, these Asians have a certain way of keeping themselves interesting. They got unique ways on showing how hot and horny you’re making them. If their incredible squeals of pleasure won’t make you want to fuck them outright, maybe you need some serious tuning up to do.

Now watch this Korean chick who finds time filming her sexcapades in her room, catching every hot moment while she plays with herself. She is completely naked, showing off her bushy twat, which she loves to fondle before finger-fucking. is just a click away and it awaits for your visit. So click on it so you can watch the complete set of video clips and just enjoy this amazing horny babe masturbate.

Curvy Asian babe with big breasts

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Another episode filled with lovely photos of an Asian hottie. This time around, we got this chick who has one of the nicest pair of tits in town and we know you’ll love every bit of her kinkiness, coz I do. Well, of course, I like what she has been showing here that’s why she’s here in, right? We won’t be showing off with her on the cover if she ain’t hot enough for all of you. Just take a look at her stills, she really knows how to flaunt her goods and it’s fortunate that we got her here. She wears all these sexy clothes to enhance her assets more. And of course, for the win, she displays her juicy melons by going topless too. It’s better that way though, you know, seeing the mounds of flesh protrude like that. Like they’re begging you to grab them and give them a nice gentle squeeze. But, if it was me who’d go grabbing this chick’s breasts, I won’t go gentle, not one bit. These things aren’t made this huge to give them little of my attention.

If I were to fuck this Asian bitch, I’d go for the rough kill and make her squeal like a pig that’s about to be butchered. Me and my horny pet don’t get satisfied with simple, easy, and fast action. Me and My Asian won’t allow me to do just that coz this boner‘s built to last for hours. And, trust me, these photos will make you wank like a maniac and you won’t regret finding your way here because we still got a whole lot to show you. Click the link so you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.