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Wild Asian teen fucks her tight pussy with a toothbrush

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

What in the world did they teach this young horny teen? Or the question should be, what didn’t they teach this kinky teen? Don’t wonder why I asked because the reason’s right in front you. Me and My Asian‘s got this video of a young Asian teen masturbating – and not just in a typical manner, mind you – she’s actually thrusting her (or somebody else’s) toothbrush up her tight twat. First she watches some porn to jumpstart her raging hormones. And then rubs her clit a little to make herself a lot more horny, which made her think of snatching an innocent toothbrush from the bathroom cabinet and mercilessly shove it in her cunt. This is a type of video you shouldn’t miss watching that’s why we got the full show right here. There are too many wild and naughty young teens out there who are into so many nasty things and we’re proud to say that these Asians find their way here, visiting every so often, just to share with us their dirty adventures. They won’t find any better site where they can freely expose their naughty natures, coz this site is made solely for them. Yeah, we love these dark-haired chinky-eyed sluts who moans like their ass or pussy‘s getting banged like there’s no tomorrow. Think, ripping sounds and the like – that painful. But, what the hell, these bitches don’t mind at all. The more painful it is, the better. And that’s the exact way we like them to be, right? Don’t wait any longer, click the link and enjoy this Asian slut’s sexy time with the toothbrush! Let’s just hope she ain’t using yours.

Japanese chick with pierced pussy and nice tits

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Me and My Asian wanted to introduce to you this kinky Japanese babe who got her pussy pierced. Yeah, you read that right and you can see that in her photo here. I don’t know what goes through their minds when they get a part of their body pierced, in the not-so-typical of places. I mean, seriously, what were they thinking? Given the fact that, like I said, this chick is nasty, I don’t get the point of having to go through all these shit just to show the world how much of a dunderhead they are. But, nobody can really blame her coz some of us get aroused by the mere sight of a dangling shiny thing from something wet, pleasurable, and delicious. Take me, for example, I am not really a fan of some bitch punching holes in her body, which would cause some problems while I fuck her. You know, maybe the “clit ring” would snap off and lose its way inside my mouth while I eat her pussy up or these things would cause some serious damage to my dick if in case its surface is too sharp – damn, I can only imagine how that must feel.

Despite the hazzards, I am willing to take the chance coz this chick is really hot. I know you will agree with me and I bet that you got a boner right now the size of a baseball bat. She knows how to flaunt her stuff and it makes me want to fuck her ’til she screams (I know, I won’t understand the hell she’s saying and I don’t give a shit). Visit now to see more photos of Asian sluts willing to be your slave ’til you can’t keep that dick up and hard anymore.