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Sweet Asian girl banged by very horny dude

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

This one’s so pretty and yummy that I got a big boner the moment I laid my eyes on this Asian chick‘s video. gives you this steamy girl with those pair of round and delicious breasts that this lucky dude obviously find very very nice. Look at him grab the tit on this heavenly body (quite literally), it’s like it’s going to come off , for cryin’ out loud. Yeah, maybe I’m just a little fuckin’ bitter about it since am not the one who gets to fuck this slut up. She’s such a tease, you know, pretending to be a shitty shy girl at first but will eventually spread those white smooth legs and let the hard shaft hump her like a helpless kitty.

But I have to admit, sometimes it helps to pretend to be a little geeky when you’re faced with a throbbing dick that’s ready to make you scream in extreme pleasure. It helps coz there are horny dudes who like to dominate someone and make them do things against their will (sort of). And it’s way better when you get to capture everything in a video like this one. Whoa… really hot stuff we got here. We know you can’t get enough and so Me and My Asian compiles only the naughtiest sleazy Asian chicks and you can find them all here. Just click this link and let us take you there!

Petite Asian chick does handjob

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Asian amateur slut lovers go to and because you’re here now, to check on what’s new and hot, we have these photos of a naughty petite Asian babe who has been spending a wild time with this dude in her bedroom. As you can see, this guy enjoys a hell time capturing his kinky lady‘s deed on his cock. It sure feels so fine watching that nice hand and pretty fingers do their magic on a dick that screams, “choke me ’til I spit!”. Hmmm… Looking at this nasty chick, am imagining myself on that bed, while taking the beating from her soft Asian hand. Damnit, my boner‘s getting too crazy now as I type these down.

Anyway, before I even jack off and not finish this entry, I’m viewing the whole lot of her photos now and looking at how she teases her prey with her sexy lingerie, which she later took off to reveal her young and fresh body. She even wears this neckpiece to add a little more drama shit. Well, it may look shitty to me but the charm this style has has kinda worked on the man she’s giving a handjob to. Like I said, I’d fucking like to be the one lying on that bed now and get the nasty service this chick has to offer. She’ll be getting a big tip from me if she gets her (hand)job done the exact way I want it. No, am not talking about money, I’m actually going to give her my huge tip and fuck her cunt with it. Ha! Want more Asian amateur babes? Splurge with – visit it now!